Meet Adora

“Every moment of your life has brought you perfectly here and now, to distill your life experience to it’s quintessence, the very essence of your spirit or soul. “ - Adora



Adora Winquist is a renowned transformative healer, inspiring teacher and award winning essential oil formulator. Her upcoming book focuses on natural medicine to heal the whole body. Adora is the co-founder of Zenergy Medicinals, expertly formulated plant based products and education to advance optimal health and wellness.

Adora is a graduate of the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing. For over two decades, she has practiced her alchemy of healing arts focusing on healing trauma to access greater physical vibrancy, emotional resilience and the actuation of the individual’s life purpose.

Her passion for global speaking emphasizes, “Soul Work is Your Sole Work”™, uniting the principles of plant, mineral and vibrational medicine to access human potential. Adora facilitates global ceremonies honouring and activating the full spectrum of plant and mineral medicine by connecting points of light around the globe to elevate consciousness and community.

A pioneer in the field of aromatherapy and energy medicine, Adora is the founder and formula originator for ADORAtherapy, a national award winning brand of essential oils, Mood Boosts, to empower intentional life practices. Adora an innovator in the field of aromatherapy is sought out for her unique nose and ability to formulate aromatic products.


Adora brings over twenty years of personal process and private practice to the sacred spiral of healing. As a modern alchemist, Adora blends parts aromatic, energy medicine, sacred geometry and crystals to transform the human experience into that of the philosopher’s quest.

Traditionally, Alchemy is spoken of as a way to transform base metals into gold. The Alchemy of which I speak is the hero or heroine’s journey that of transmuting the places of pain and limitation within ourselves into those of passion, purpose and vibrancy. The ability to self actualize requires this process of personal refinement moving through our personal processes and perspectives, we create the opportunity to become the alchemy excavating the golden essence of the soul. Collectively we have reached a point of critical mass where the actualization of your soul purpose is paramount to awakening and elevating greater consciousness on the planet your soul work is truly your sole work.