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Awaken. Transform. Actualize.



Mini Aura Clearing

An introductory session with Adora clears, balances, and energizes the energy field creating greater clarity, vitality and a sense of peace. The mission session clears the path for a deeper journey to unfold.

Artisanal Essential Oil Blends

Artisanal alchemical synergies created from earth’s healing kingdoms intentionally infused by master formulator & alchemist Adora Winquist.

Host a Ceremony

Open your heart to transformation and open your space to the universe by hosting an Intentional Ceremony. Chose or customize a ceremony unique to you, your group and your setting. Illuminating consciousness around the world.


Awaken. Transform. Actualize.

What do you want to create most in YOUR LIFE? Adora offers a range of sessions to encourage the emergence of YOUR GREATEST SELF.


Custom Formulae

We are all at different points along our unique spiral of healing. What have you come here to create? To be? To learn and heal deep within your being? Custom blending sessions allow Adora to perfectly align and imprint each blend for your most benevolent evolutionary process.


Distill The Essense of Your Being